A Shakespeare TV Series?

That certainly caught my attention, as I’m sure it did yours. I think, though, that the project is really better described as a series of made-for-tv movies?

Patrick Stewart, David Suchet and David Morrissey are among the stars confirmed for a new TV production of Richard II.

The season, which will take a fresh look at the bard’s life and works, will also include adaptations of his history plays Henry IV Parts I and II and Henry V, set in the medieval period and filmed on locations around the UK and mainland Europe. St David’s Cathedral and Pembroke Castle, in West Wales were used to film many of the scenes.

The screening of the films is linked to the 2012 Cultural Olympiad, which is billed as the largest cultural celebration in the history of the modern Olympics and Paralympics.

So, 4 movies. I’m unsure how that translates into a series, but we shall see.

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2 thoughts on “A Shakespeare TV Series?

  1. That is such excellent news. The histories have been languishing out of the popular eye for such a long time now. Hopefully the talent assembled for this project will draw lots of attention to the entire sadly-neglected history cycle.

  2. Wonder how this will stack up against the old BBC made-for-TV history cycle, or the Age of Kings miniseries… the world needs more Suchet, though. That guy is brilliant.

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