Magic, The Gathering : Othello Edition

I love people who are creative enough to come up with stuff like these Magic cards in an Othello edition. I always have a million ideas for games, but lack the attention span to make a complete and consistent set of rules for them, as well as the resources to make the necessary materials. (I usually get stuck in that limbo of “I’ll make a video game – no, a card game! No, a video game! No, a board game….”)
Not this guy — visit the link to check out his Othello card (he is a Hero/Villain card, depending on what other character cards are in play), or maybe his Desdemona (power 1 / defense 1, not a strong character…) And this is only one of a number of sets! Very impressive.
The question has come up before, but it’s always fun to ask again – does anybody know any Shakespeare card games? Stuff like this – where players could use their knowledge of the subject as well as learning more about the subject during the game – is the best. Not just talking about some other game’s rules where the cards have been decorated with Shakespeare images.

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