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So now that the school year is upon us again I’m going to bust out an idea that somebody approached me with last year. A school out in Colorado asked whether I’d be interested in using Skype to do a virtual interview with their Shakespeare class. I thought it sounded neat.

For various technical reasons that never happened (firewalls and client VPNS and other buzzy buzzwords), but that doesn’t mean it’s not still a good idea.

So, consider the offer out there. I want to talk to more people about our favorite subject. If you’re in a position to be in charge of a group of people who might be interested in hearing that (students, I’m assuming), and this sounds like an interesting and feasible idea, then send me a note and we’ll see whether we can make it happen.

Full disclosure : This is in no way going to end with me saying that I expect to be paid for this.  I just want to practice interacting with groups in more dynamic ways than “I post and you people comment.” I also don’t promise that, if I actually get a flood of requests, that I will be able to respond favorably to all of them 🙂  There’s only so many hours in the day after all.

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