I Was Close!

Mornings in my house…

We’re getting ready for the day, one of the kids has put on a new tv show, Olivia, about a pig who goes to school.  Fits the usual pattern, rambunctious little girl who always wants things to go her way, gets bent out of shape when they don’t, learns a lesson and everything works out in the end.

Scene: A classroom.

Teacher:  I am happy to announce the name of our next school play!  It will be …

Me:  (throwing up my arms and taking a wild guess)  Hamlet!

Teacher: …The Faerie Queene!

Me:  Spencer?  Really?

Of course they didn’t mean the classic, they meant some generic “play with fairies in it”.  I just thought it was funny that I’m joking about them tackling Shakespeare and for at least half a second it sounds like they’re tackling one of sources.

Had I guessed Dream instead of Hamlet that would even funnier ;).

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2 thoughts on “I Was Close!

  1. Argh, I had not!

    Everybody's used the phrase "pun not intended", but a friend of mine gave me a phrase for situations like this where you indeed did not intend the pun, but you're happy it turned out that way.

    *pun approved*

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