The Shakespeare Drinking Game

Ok, Huffington Post has to know that if they title a story that way, we’re gonna link it!

The Contemporary Shakespeare Drinking Game

Since the post is entirely just the rules of the game, I’m not left with much to copy unless I want to steal their content.  Go check out the rules and then tell me which are your favorite, and what rules you’d add to your own house version.   I like “shotgun a beer every time someone mentions a sword, dagger or blade but is holding a gun.”

As for adding my own?  Hmmm … “Drink once, and then bang your head on the nearest desk or table, every time the audience laughs where they’re not supposed to.”  In a production of Macbeth that I saw, Macduff delivered his “from his mother’s womb untimely ripped” line and Macbeth fell to his knees in what I’m guessing was supposed to be him struck down by the reality of the prophecy, but in practice came off more as “Oh I am having *such* a bad day!”  Climax of the play, and the audience laughs through it.

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2 thoughts on “The Shakespeare Drinking Game

  1. Oh my, the audience can laugh at such bad times. I have seen a Globe audience laugh right when Antony stabs himself and realizes he’s not dead. Although the delivery was kind of funny and the actor did a little shrug like “fuckin typical” 😀

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