I Want To Be Buried in McLean, Virginia

While researching a new game (coming soon!) I noticed that the new center of the Shakespeare universe might well have turned up in McLean, Virginia?!  Check it out:

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You might need to zoom in to get the details.  See anything amazing?

Birnam Wood Drive.  MacBeth Street. Oberon Way. Titania Lane. “Agin Court”. Cawdor Court. Dunsinane Court. Hamlet Park. Falstaff Road. Ariel Way. Capulet Court. Elsinore Ave. Timon Drive. Lear Road.

Are you kidding me?!  Is anybody in the audience from this neck of the woods who can explain how exactly this little slice of heaven came to happen?   I wish I’d known about it during my trip down to Washington DC earlier this year, I might have made a special detour!

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5 thoughts on “I Want To Be Buried in McLean, Virginia

  1. Thanks, Duane! I'd forgot about the Shakespeare-themed roads in that McLean subdivision. I lived in that area for nearly 16 years. And I loved "Agin Court" (although it's pronounced CORE).

  2. ""Agin Court" (although it's pronounced CORE)."

    Not if you love Harry and England, Wayne. 🙂 It's Cort, the same way Dauphin is Dawfin or 'Dolphin', as it's spelled in the Folio.

  3. That's so weird–I've been driving right past that place in order to get to Shakespeare rehearsal stuff for years and I never knew it existed!

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