Vampire Shakespeare

It’s that time of year again when those of us who don’t play dress-up for a living get to break out the costumes and wander the streets as our favorite Zombie Shakespeare.  We’ve spoken of Shakespeare Halloween Costumes in years past (see here, here and here), and I even finally pulled the trigger and made my own Halloween costume last year, which I like to think was a success even if most of the people at the party didn’t get it. 🙂

As we wandered the aisles of the costume shoppe, always on the lookout for something I could spin Shakespearean, I had all sorts of ideas. Great Caesar’s Ghost is always a relatively easy option. Personally I still want to go as Bacon one of these years, complete with name tag that says “Hello My Name is Francis” and carrying around a book “The Complete Works Of Me”. But to properly do that my wife has to agree to be Eggs (the costumes come as a set), and she ain’t have that. I spotted a knight costume and thought I could maybe pull off a Richard III with apropriate use of hump. Pirate Family was high up on the list for a bit, and I already had visions of carrying around little home made Rosencrantz and Guildenstern dolls, carrying a letter between them that reads “To England”.

Alas, I was outvoted – we’re vampires this year. Fair enough I suppose, I got the vote last year.

So now my dilemma – how do I make vampire Shakespeare? Looking for ideas. Something that doesn’t just say generic undead character (I already did zombie Yorick), but actually ties in the vampire/blood theme in some way. I’ve already considered seeing if my wife will put blood spots on her hands and go as Vampire Lady Macbeth. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Vampire Shakespeare

  1. Why don't you go as The Vampire Earl of Oxford? He sucks the blood out of everything fun and simply refuses to die! For bonus points, carry around little dolls of James Shapiro and Charlton Ogburn and have them scoff at each other all night.


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