Set Your DVR – Prince of Players is Coming!

I love it when I trip over stuff.  While searching my TV Guide for Shakespeare stuff today I spotted that on January 19, on the FOX Movie Channel, Prince of Players will be on. Richard Burton plays Edwin Booth during his stellar Shakespearean career, while his brother John Wilkes plots to …. well, we all know that story.  This is, in many people’s opinions, one of Burton’s best performances (see JM’s comments on the original review!) and one of the best interpretations of “A movie with Shakespeare in it” (as opposed to “A Shakespeare movie”) that I’ve yet seen.

If you’ve got a DVR and you’ve got that channel, don’t miss the opportunity.  This one is rarely shown, not available on DVD that we know of, and you really should see it.

2 thoughts on “Set Your DVR – Prince of Players is Coming!

  1. That's great news! I've been searching for that film for years but haven't found it commercially available.


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