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Does anybody know where all the Shakespeare Forums are hiding? I’m surprised to discover very few. I see Savage Shakespeare, but is that all?

A friend who runs a popular Hemingway site told me that his attempt to start up a forum was a big disaster as it was rapidly swamped with people wanting answers to their homework questions, instead of people who wanted to actually discuss Hemingway, so he took it down. I wonder if Shakespeare sites suffer from the same problem?

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5 thoughts on “Shakespeare Forums

  1. Thanks! I’ll have to check those out. Having not participated in much Shakespeare discussion (being a lifelong computer geek) I’m not yet tired of the banal inanities :).

  2. I think that Shakespeare High, Savage Shakespeare and SparkNotes all have value for different audiences. I belong to all of them but tend toward Shakespeare High. I enjoy Savage Shakespeare and find John Savage to be a very fine moderator. My schedule permits only one so I tend to contribute to S High as a moderator.

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