Blogging Shakespeare Dreams

Nope, not talking about the act of blogging dreams about Shakespeare. Last night I actually had a dream about blogging Shakespeare.

For some reason there was lots of commuting on the train going on – I remember myself and several others having to walk from one train platform to another. And at some point I think I picked up one of those small weekly papers, like a college thingie. And on the front page, in a side bar, was an article entitled “Love gave us Dr. Seuss, Churchill, and Shakespeare. Why?”

I remember thinking, “Man, I have to read that and blog it. Must find out the Seuss/Shakespeare connection! But what the heck is Churchill doing in there?” Actually in the context of the dream I remember getting all blurry eyed at the prospect of just how amazing such an article was going to be.

Woke up before I ever got a chance to read the article. But what a weird combination. Are there similarities between Shakespeare and Dr. Seuss? Sure, people over the years have had fun doing Seussian versions of the Shakespeare classics (some better than others), but that’s not what I’m talking about.

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Roger Daltrey on Shakespeare

I don’t know why exactly Reuters interviewed Roger Daltrey of “The Who”, but here it is. I particularly like his take on Shakespeare (he once acted the part of Dromio for a BBC Comedy of Errors, you see). Apparently Shakespeare was the Pete Townshend of his day, and thus Mr. Daltrey was not intimidated in the least.
Anybody besides me got an image of Will doing that cool guitar windmill thing that Townshend always used to do?

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Intelligence, design and Shakespeare

I love this article on intelligence, design and Shakespeare, een if I’m not sure I understand it.
It starts out talking about the holidays, and then with a quick “here’s the rub” (nice!) slides quickly into using words like “big bang cosmology” and “particle accelerators.” The story, of course is about “intelligent design” and whether it should be taught in biology courses as an alternate theory to Darwinian evolution. Fair enough. It brings up Newsweek’s position on the subject, where they noted that Darwin carried the Bible with him on his travels.
But then we get the Stephen Hawking quote that ends “for then we would know the mind of God,” rapidly moving on to “What, after all, do we really know?” and then to “Engineers design routinely. they examine the design of others….”
(Meanwhile I’m scanning and thinking “Where’s the Shakespeare?”)
To close the article, the author circles back around to the “frozen” variety of human speech – writing. And then asks a bizarre question – “Why is the play called Julius Caesar, when he dies in Act III? Shouldn’t it have been called Brutus?” He then gets all philosophical about whether Shakespeare had a reason for doing that, and if he showed us and we simply haven’t realized it.
I’m going to have to come back and read this one a couple of times, it’s making my head hurt.

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Shakespeare My Butt

Ok, this is different. This morning in my Google news I saw a reference to the Canadian band Lowest of the Low whose album “Shakespeare My Butt” is ranked #10 in Top 100 Candian Albums of All Time. Not bad when you consider that Neil Young is on there at #7.
But then, upon googling for more references, I found
Shakespeare My Butt!: From ‘Marsupial Elvis’ to ‘No Place’… on the Trail of the Pointless Quest by John Donoghue which appears to be a completely unrelated book project.



What’s on your Shakespeare Wish List?

Tis the season, as they say, and I don’t have any time for political correctness. So let’s just assume that you’re going to soon celebrate some holiday that is traditionally a gift-giving occasion. Is there “Shakespeare stuff” on your list? Like what? Last year I got three books about Shakespeare — Garber, Greenblatt and Bloom. I’m still working my way through them :), so no books for me. Movies? Other geeky gadgety stuff? I have a bust of Shakespeare on my bookshelf.
So what other sort of Shakespeare stuff have you got, or do you want?

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Guesswork about Shakespeare beats TV ‘Science” Any Day

The Herald has this article that appears to be about Shakespeare, but I’ll be darned if I can figure out what the heck the man is talking about. Although it starts with a discussion about analyzing Shakespeare, it actually appears to be a review of three different BBC television shows – none of which appear to have been about him. Maybe the first one, but I have no idea. Who is William Boyd? Who is Rupert Graves?

Anybody want to translate for me?

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Shakespeare Works!

While trying to hunt down a different project called “Shakespeare’s Guide to e-Learning” I found KJ-Films’ “Shakespeare Works!” which looks even more interesting. The project contains a 30minute film about Shakespeare (focusing on a key question for the 11-14 age group, “Why is he so famous?”) as well as an interactive CD loaded up with games and other such things.

At 175 euros for a 5 seat license it seems somewhat expensive for most of the school budgets I’ve known, but I can’t fault somebody for needing to make some money. Make money on the first project, that’ll give you the impetus to do another project.

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Bill Bryson doing Shakespeare?

For those who do not recognize the name, Bill Bryson is perhaps best known for “A Walk in the Woods” (in which he walks the Applachian Trail) and “A Short History of Nearly Everything” which is pretty self-explanatory. I have not read either, personally, though both have been recommended.

So it was with great interest that I caught the tail end of this interview with the man:

What are you working on next?

I’m doing two biographies – one on me, one on William Shakespeare.

Actually, it makes for an interesting question — is there really all that much new under the sun in the Shakespeare biography world that yet another one is needed? Over the last few years alone we’ve seen quite a few. I wonder if Bryson is going to bring any new insight to the Bard’s life? Maybe reveal that the plays were actually written by Bottom or something? 🙂