Intelligence, design and Shakespeare

I love this article on intelligence, design and Shakespeare, een if I’m not sure I understand it.
It starts out talking about the holidays, and then with a quick “here’s the rub” (nice!) slides quickly into using words like “big bang cosmology” and “particle accelerators.” The story, of course is about “intelligent design” and whether it should be taught in biology courses as an alternate theory to Darwinian evolution. Fair enough. It brings up Newsweek’s position on the subject, where they noted that Darwin carried the Bible with him on his travels.
But then we get the Stephen Hawking quote that ends “for then we would know the mind of God,” rapidly moving on to “What, after all, do we really know?” and then to “Engineers design routinely. they examine the design of others….”
(Meanwhile I’m scanning and thinking “Where’s the Shakespeare?”)
To close the article, the author circles back around to the “frozen” variety of human speech – writing. And then asks a bizarre question – “Why is the play called Julius Caesar, when he dies in Act III? Shouldn’t it have been called Brutus?” He then gets all philosophical about whether Shakespeare had a reason for doing that, and if he showed us and we simply haven’t realized it.
I’m going to have to come back and read this one a couple of times, it’s making my head hurt.

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