Hamlet’s Castle is Haunted

It appears that Hamlet’s castle is haunted. Or, at least, Kronburg Castle, which claims to be the inspiration for Shakespeare’s greatest work.

“Windows and doors fly open, stacks of paper disappear and reappear elsewhere, and tables set themselves,” she said.

Most of the employees have reported strange happenings at the restaurant, such as two seeing inexplicable gray shadows waft by and another claiming to have seen the ghost of an old man in the kitchen, Pedersen said.

Whatever they are, they seemed to be good-natured and don’t frighten the guests.
I like it. I wonder if the ghost is Polonius? Getting a snack? Seems like there’s a “not where he’s eaten, but where he eats” pun in there someplace.

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One thought on “Hamlet’s Castle is Haunted

  1. We have a member at Shakespeare High who lives in Copenhagen. I wonder what the locals think about this. He posts under the name Star*Reacher. He is brilliant.

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