iPod Food : Dead White Males

Dead White Males: Here’s a neat little podcast worth recommending. It’s not specifically Shakespeare, but “Dead White Males” is produced by Eric Jean, a literature student who is “considering teaching this stuff some day.” I listened to him do just under an hour on Merchant of Venice, which was pretty cool. Mostly a plot summary, but also some commentary on the characters, as well as readings of key passages.

This is not a Shakespeare only podcast, though, so I can only hope that he covers my favorite subject frequently enough that I don’t end up dropping him off my list. Other authors currently mentioned on his homepage include Alfred Lord Tennyson, William Blake, Thomas Hardy and others.

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2 thoughts on “iPod Food : Dead White Males

  1. If you are widening your podcasts a little I do recommend the bbc in the UK.
    There is one programme, In Our Time, http://www.webcom.com/pweller/bradley/tr407.html
    which regularly deals with cultural issues. Next week they are looking at Chaucer – and for one week only, the programme is downloadable as mp3.
    In the archive section they have a lot of programmes listenable to online: do look in the culture section.
    Self, aint got an ipod so if you find any more of this stuff downloadable to mp3, I’d be most grateful,

  2. Thanks for the tip, Alan. In general I prefer to look for MP3 sources so that it is not ipod-only. Most of what you find my pointing to will be MP3. So far the only thing that was ipod only was the Stanford lecture by Benholz.

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