Philocrites: Bush and Colbert, Lear and the Fool.

Philocrites: Bush and Colbert, Lear and the Fool.:

Did everyone Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondent’s dinner by now? The man was brilliant, but the performance was so cringeworthy that I almost felt bad for him. The humor was vicious. And Bush was sitting about 4 feet from him.

I’m happy to see Philocrites’ comparison of this situation to Lear and his Fool. Many people don’t understand the Fool as comic relief, wondering where the goofy, fall on the floor hysterics are. The Fool’s lines are usually much darker, and more along the lines of “When the king makes a mistake, I will show it to him.” I like this line : ” Their exchanges aren’t funny haha, they’re funny oh-no.” Yes, that sounds about right for Colbert’s routine.

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