Shakespeare, by Pink Floyd

Excuse me while my head explodes, in the good way. When I saw this blog‘s headline, “David Gilmour – Sonnet 18”, I first skipped past it. Then said “Wait a minute…the Pink Floyd guy?” I got excited. Everybody hopes to hear the sonnets put to music, could it be that there’s audio of Pink Floyd doing it? Talk about your head exploding in the good way.

I won’t lie — the iambic pentameter model does not lend itself well to music — but who cares! It’s got that Pink Floyd sound, there’s nothing bad about that.

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3 thoughts on “Shakespeare, by Pink Floyd

  1. Hey Duane,

    It’s true that iambic pentameter doesn’t lend itself well to most music – but it works great for hip hop!

    Here’s my rap of Sonnet 11.

    It’s just a joke, but some of the rhythms don’t sound half bad!

  2. I have recently discovered "spotify" a music app, on which I found a number of sonnets sung and read by a variety of artists including Annie Lennox,Matthew Rys, Ralph Fiennes, Desree and Bryan Ferry (who does David Gilmour's verson of Sonnet 18). The album is called "When Love Speaks – The Sonnets" EMI Records 2002. There were also a number of enties for "shall I compare thee" on spotify. Hope this helps. Good hunting!

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