I’m Back

Hi Everybody,

Sorry I haven’t been around — just took a week vacation with the family, and had absolutely no net access (believe me, I tried. Visions of me wandering through every corner of our rented house on the lake, laptop in hand, praying, hitting “Refresh wireless network list”, taking one step to the left, and repeating).

Anyway, I’ve caught up on my feeds so hopefully I’ll have a bunch of stuff to post. Here’s a random one — while watching Beauty and the Beast with the kids, Gaston (the bad guy) is singing something, I think the “Kill the Beast” song, and suddenly I hear, “Light your torch, Mount your horse, screw your courage to the sticking place…”

I lift my head. “Huh,” I say to the room in general. “Shakespeare. Macbeth.”

Nobody cared. But I figured somebody reading my blog would :).

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