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http://triptronix.net/ishbadiddle/archives/2006/10/24/10.56.11/ A “tag cloud” is an attempt at visual representation of word frequency. The bigger the word, the more often it appears.  So, what words are the most common in Hamlet? Most of them are obvious – the names of characters, and stuff like “Enter” or “Have” (Haue).  It’s interesting after you get past them, though, to look at the next ones:  father.  heaven.  soule.  Pretty neat.  I’d like to see this done for all the plays.  I remember hearing something in high school about the number of times “dark” and its synonyms are used in Macbeth.

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2 thoughts on “Hamlet "Tag Cloud"

  1. Speaking of Hamlets (and this does appear to be the week for it), UNH Durham is going to be performing the bad quarto the week of November 8th.

    It’s not far from the Manchester airport (which is about an hour from my home) so I’m going to try to go.

    I posted details to Bard in Boston

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