Arthur and the Invisibles

For the curious, the easily missed new movie “Arthur and the Invisibles” is apparently loaded with Shakespeare references.  I was surprised to discover that.  The opening code that the kid has to solve on his way to the treasure is supposedly a Shakespeare quote: “Some words hide other words”, or something like that.  The problem is that I can’t find anything close to this quote in any of my Shakespeare sources.  Anybody recognize it?  I find it hard to believe that they’d make up a quote and call it Shakespeare, that’d be pretty amateur.  (Although it is signed ‘Will S’ and one character says, “Who’s that, Socrates?”) Later, a battle weapon is launched in the form of two small animals named Romeo and Juliet.  Something about their love for each other and their need to be together being a powerful force.  I thought it was interesting, but unfortunately at this point my kids were getting too squirrely (it’s a fairly scary battle scene for a 4yr old), so we ended up leaving. Has anybody seen this movie?  Is there more Shakespeare?  Do they come back later and say the “Some words hide…” thing isn’t really Shakespeare after all, and that’s why it says Will S and not Shakespeare? 🙂  

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One thought on “Arthur and the Invisibles

  1. I just found your blog by searching the same quote. I was watching that movie the other day, and I’m a huge Shakespeare fan, and I have never heard that quote. I couldn’t imagine anyone making up a Shakespeare quote when there are so many brilliant things he has said.

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