Selling Shakespeare : A Puzzle

Ok, Dum Luks has a blog post up called “Selling Shakespeare” which contains a puzzle.  There’s a graphic containing a couple of words and numbers that is supposed to represent the ad for a run of 5 Shakespeare plays.  I have absolutely no idea to solve it.  I want to say “Measure for Measure” in there since the numbers appear to be inch markings, but that’d be pretty close to a guess.  Richard III?  Henry VI?  I don’t get it. Somebody go solve it and tell me the answer :).  

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4 thoughts on “Selling Shakespeare : A Puzzle

  1. It’s not really a puzzle. It’s a bawdy joke.

    You’re not supposed to solve it. You’re supposed to say “I dunno” and then look at the answer.

    The answer turns the five titles into sexual puns.

    Shakespeare would have enjoyed this, I think.

    For a Shakespeare puzzle of mine, check this out.

    Just be careful not to scroll down to the comments, since the answer is posted there now.

  2. Thanks Martin — those “run your cursor” instructions weren’t there last night when I saw the post, were they? I remember seeing “Answer” and wondering if there was a missing link or something.

    Cute. 🙂

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