The Players Have Come To Boston

Hurray!  Free Shakespeare returns to Boston next week!  They’ve begun setting up the stage, and my path to work each morning walks me right past it.  I don’t know when I became such a geek for this stuff (never stood on a stage in my life), but part of me each morning wants to walk over and just kind of touch it a little bit.  In just a few days there’s going to be something beautiful there.  I may be pissed off that it’s such a short run this year, and I may be bummed that it is Midsummer’s again, a play that’s done in every high school in the land.  But you know what?  It’s Shakespeare, and it’s free, and it’s so close I can touch it.  I do so love this stuff. My wife and I have already worked out the plan, I’m basically going to just camp out one night next week on my way home from work.  I mean, come on, I’m going to walk right past it, how can I not take the opportunity to just plunk myself down on the grass and get a choice spot?   Ooo, maybe I’ll bring a camera?  We’ll see if we can arrange a sitter during the weekend so that she can come in and catch a performance as well.  The only thing I haven’t figured out is getting home, I’m not thrilled about walking back to the train station at 11pm or so.  But I’ll worry about that later.   

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