Mrs. Shakespeare and the Sonnets,,2150903,00.html [via An Alternate Kettle of Fish] Interesting (and lengthy) article all about Anne Hathaway, better known as Mrs. Shakespeare.  What’s her story?  More to the point, what’s her relationship to the sonnets?  After all, we’ve spent 400 years talking about whether Shakespeare was gay, and who the Dark Lady was, but rarely do we have any glimpse into Shakespeare’s relationship with his own wife.  The author of the article, Germaine Greer, wonders under what circumstances Hathaway first saw the sonnets (remember they were published in 1609 but some where written as much as 20 years prior).  Her theory is that she was given a copy after they were published, and not by Shakespeare.  What happens next? Very interesting glimpse into a subject not typically covered in the usual Shakespeare biography.

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2 thoughts on “Mrs. Shakespeare and the Sonnets

  1. Greer is the writer of what I think is the best book on Shakespeare’s theatre – SHAKESPEARE: A short Introduction (Oxford). I am always recommending it to people – especially those who want to break from much of the set in ice view of the plays.
    She is also a ‘nutty as a fruit cake’ prof, and “rabid” (quote) feminist.
    One of those people I’d love to have as a dinner guest.

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