Allusions to Hamlet in Joyce's Ulysses Having never read the latter I’m not really sure what to do with this, but it seems like it might be interesting to the more well-read than I.  A list of Hamlet references in Ulysses, cited back to Act and Scene inside Hamlet.  Lots of them.UPDATE : It bothers me that the link no longer works, since this seems to be one of my most popularly followed links.  I wish I had better info for you.  The best I can do is offer to google it for you.

6 thoughts on “Allusions to Hamlet in Joyce's Ulysses

  1. Willshill says:

    WoW In what seems to be a case of high coincidence,after thumbing through The Shakespeare Wars, I was on my way to look for some Ulysses references and criticism when I stopped by. Thanks

  2. No kidding, huh? Garber’s “Shakespeare and Modern Culture” also has enough on Hamlet/Ulysses to make me want to go read the thing. I wonder if there’s a kindle version?

    Brendan, you’re awesome. That link has long been one of my most popular search engine requests!

  3. IMHO, if you have reached the ripe old age of 40 without having read “Ulysses,” (James Joyce’s, that is, not Homer’s) you can manage quite well for the next 40 without doing so. Unless you want the bragging rights.

  4. Thank you ever so much. This has saved me a good few hours of sifting through the text. Bless you, and google, and Prince Hamlet.

    It’s true you can manage quite well without reading ‘Ulysses’. I hate telling people they have to read a book, but when it comes to this one I hate the thought of someone never getting round to it and dying before they finish even more. It’s worth it if you do read it. Liberating, life-changing, and ultimately fantastic.

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