All-Star Lear Is Coming Straight out of Cannes comes the announcement of Lear, starring Anthony Hopkins (nice!), Gwynneth Paltrow (maybe now she’ll start pinging my radar for something other than every time somebody calls her the Shakespeare in Love actres), and Keira Knightley … who is famous for the Pirate movies?  Not sure what else she’s been in. I look forward to seeing this one!

2 thoughts on “All-Star Lear Is Coming

  1. More interesting is the BBC filming of McKellan’s Lear – only wish a few more stage versions were committed to the record.

    (And what vegetable is King Lear?)

  2. It has been suggested that this Hopkins project is a direct result of the McKellen. “Did you see how popular his Lear was??? Who can we get to do a film adaptation?”

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