Folioed Again! Slate’s got a lengthy story up on the recently recovered First Folio, including an amusing profile of the thief.  Or rather, the dealer who still claims his innocence, Raymond Scott.  Quote of the article: “…aside from the Ark of the Covenant, a Shakespeare First Folio is the worst loot in the world to steal.” What I did not know, the article goes on to explain, is that a lengthy census has been done of every mark on every surviving Folio, so identification of each one is pretty much mistake-proof. I say if you’re gonna steal something like that, just keep it for yourself.  It’s worth more than money anyway. Here’s another blog reference, with a twist.  Whenever I find a blog with a Shakespeare story I typically hunt around the blog to see if the author speaks of Shakespeare often, and whether I should follow.  In this case the blog is actually “the observations of an Iranian-American female” who uses the story to add at the very bottom, regarding the Cuban connection of the story: “at least he didn’t use Iran or an Iranian family as his source for the book!  … it might have been the only cause for war against Iran that the academic, intellectual Shakespeare adoring community may have supported.  Phew!”

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