Rebel Shakespeare (Salem, Mass) : Romeo and Juliet Christine and Keri, my new friends in the neighborhood,  have put up the schedule for their Romeo and Juliet.  Rebel Shakespeare is acted by kids – perhaps Christine or Keri can chime in and tell us what age group will be performing this show? Friday August 22 5pm: The Athanaeum. Salem MA, outdoors in the garden… Friday nights they do a “speakers series” and Keri will be the speaker, and the kids will do the production. Very high class.
Saturday August 23 1pm: Mary Jane Lee Park, Salem MA. Saturday August 23 5pm: Open – Possibly Beverly or Marblehead.
Sunday August 24 1pm: Open – Possibly Beverly or Marblehead
Sunday August 24 5pm: Derby Square, Old Town Hall steps, Salem MA. Monday — Day off, or as they say in theatre “dark” day.
Tuesday August 26 1pm: The Senior Center, Salem MA Tuesday August 26 6pm: Palmer Cove Ballfield. Salem MA. Around the corner from Mary Jane Lee Park, the outfield will be Verona, and the lights will be turned on so everyone can be seen.  
Wednesday August 27 1pm: Tentative — Moesley Woods Park, Newburyport MA. A natural wooded amphitheater with a giant rock sculpture/climbing thing that will be good for the balcony scene.
Wednesday August 27, 5pm: Winnekenni Castle, Haverhill MA.   I love the idea of Romeo and Juliet performed by kids on a playground.  Seems like such a natural setting, which I suppose could turn really dark once the killing begins.

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2 thoughts on “Rebel Shakespeare (Salem, Mass) : Romeo and Juliet

  1. thank you so much.
    we’re so excited about the playground too. Because Romeo and Juliet are really just children still, setting it in the playground is creepy and cool all at once. a reminder of their real age, and their lack of adult maturity in the face of what they’ve got going on in their lives… it’s gonna be cool.

    hope to have tons of folks come out and see us!

    we’re also doing a fundraiser between shows for Henry V next saturday. Shows are 2 and 6pm, fundraiser is at 4pm. Winter island. Salem MA. Support the arts. Yadda yadda yadda.

  2. oh — the age group for this show?
    15-18. High schoolers. This is our “teen intensive” program. our cream of the crop.

    and Henry V is performed by our regular program kids — ages about 10 to 16. my son is 11 and it is his first year.

    we also have the Shakespearience for 6-9 year olds. it’s cute as all get out.

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