On The Road

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Driving home after a party on a dark and stormy night, trying to take a left onto a main road:

Geek: “See anything coming on that side?”

Mrs Geek: “Just trees. “

Geek: “Yeah but has Birnam Wood come to Dunsinane?”

Mrs Geek: “huh?”

Geek: “Never mind. “

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2 thoughts on “On The Road

  1. i’ll admit, i’m only commenting because of the chance for that fabulous manga shakespeare. i think my students would get a kick out of it. anyway, i subscribe to your blog in google reader, and this posting made me think of something i’d wondered for awhile about this quote….

    this is in reference to the army approaching the castle decked out in implements of war made of the wood of that forest, yeah? well, i’m a big fan of modern adaptations of shakespeare, and trying to phrase important/famous quotes into equivalent modern language (sometimes i find using “street” references makes it easier, especially for students haha), but this one has always troubled me. how on earth could this be rephrased to make sense to modern understanding or events? this really isn’t a comment, per se, just a plea for anyone who might have a nice example or any ideas. thanks! 🙂

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