Won’t Somebody PLEASE Think Of The Thespians?

http://www.wwlp.com/dpp/news/wwlp_ap_mass_shakespeare_company_layoffs_200903172056 While CommShakes struggles to stay alive on its own in Boston, over on the other side of Massachusetts the Lenox-based Shakespeare & Company is tightening its budget as well.  They’ve laid off a few, and cut pay for the rest – including the founders, who will take no salary at all for several months. I’m sure most theatre groups are having similar difficulties all over, not just in my neighborhood.  So go see some shows, huh?  Even better, drag your friends along.  And when the time comes to pass the hat or rent a chair or buy a t-shirt, be generous.  You are closer to getting no Shakespeare than you might think.  And should that time come, it’ll be too late to break out your wallet.

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