Hot Girl, Bad Article One of the many, many ways that Shakespeare geeks can count themselves lucky is because of Megan Fox’s tattoos.  I think I find this more sad than funny, but the article above – which basically says that the poor girl’s covered enough of her body with ink, thank you – also says this:

…Including An Inscription On Her Right Shoulder Blade. It Reportedly Is A Reference To Shakespeare’s King Lear And Reads: “We Will All Laugh At Gilded Butterflies.”

Reportedly?  Actually it is an *actual* Shakespeare reference.  The text is a bit wrong, true, but I don’t think that word reportedly means what the author thinks it means. Am I being too picky?  Ok, how about this one:

The Tattoos May Have Led To Comparisons With Megastar Angelina Jolie, Who Has Least A Dozen All Over Her Body.

May have? Way to take a stand.

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