My Five Best People Who Possibly Never Lived When I saw this was tagged Shakespeare, I assumed that the author would drop in Romeo or Hamlet or somebody. Nope, he’s talking about Shakespeare himself.

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9 thoughts on “My Five Best People Who Possibly Never Lived

  1. To be fair, in the article, he's describing the position that "the single entity known as Shakespeare, who is thought to have written the works, may have been fictional." In other words supporting the "multiple authors" theory.

  2. I too have used that very argument–to no avail. It's never been explained to my satisfaction as to exactly why it makes no dent; either he was "in on" this vast conspiracy, or… it just doesn't seem to matter…somehow… πŸ™‚

  3. catkins said:

    "And so Ben Jonson was a liar?"

    And a forger as well. πŸ™‚ The Tempest sure helped to take Edward Oxenford's name off the table!!!

    What could have been his motive? Jonson certainly knew Shakespeare, both the author and the man, so his word carries weight. But what do those words really say? His poetry proves him a master of cunning ambiguity: if you want rabbits, he's got rabbits; if you like ducks, it quacks right along.

    Have you read Poetaster? Or Satiromastix, claimed by Dekker?

  4. Thanks, Duane.

    Too bad you missed the Symposium. Shall I put your name on our mailing list for the next? πŸ™‚

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