Time To Forget The Curse And Move These Bones?

http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5gAdRKDfYXXMbGMeAciSWPIJPSTqAD9ARLNNO0 It’s long been known that the church where Shakespeare is buried needs work.  Lots of work.  They’ve raised nearly a million pounds over the years to do it. Now it seems things are even worse, as the main beam keeping the roof up is rotting faster than they thought. I don’t understand why the church is in such trouble.  We’re talking about a national landmark, no?  Wouldn’t the government want to throw them a few bucks?  I have to believe that at least a tiny bit of tourism is thanks to Mr. Shakespeare and his grave.

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2 thoughts on “Time To Forget The Curse And Move These Bones?

  1. I've been there, and really… the ONLY tourism is because of Shakespeare's grave. ( bad photo http://picasaweb.google.com/prokomds/StratfordUponAvon#5264117490269456578 )

    Unfortunately, the UK has much more history than they have money to maintain it – what floats to mind is the relatively recent press about Bletchey Park (site of Enigma code decryption in WWII and home of one of the world's first computers, among other things), another historical site falling to pieces. See them before they're gone — sad but true

  2. don't believe everything you read…this is a wealthy church and if they used their brains wouldn't need any government help.

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