Anybody want to play Sonnet Challenge?

I misunderstood this site when AbbyWilde first pointed it out to me via Twitter Sonnet Challenge is not one man making videos of himself doing all the sonnets (something that Madeline did a couple years back). 

No, this guy wants other people to send him video of themselves doing a sonnet.    That’s much more interesting.

Surely we’ve got some geeks in the audience who want a quick 15 seconds of Shakespeare fame? There is of course Will Sutton’s project over at but that’s just audio.  Who’s got the guts to jump in front of the camera?

3 thoughts on “Anybody want to play Sonnet Challenge?

  1. Not I. Not after seeing Michael Pennington in "Love Is My Sin." I hope my commentaries are professional, but I do not flatter myself that my readings are anything but amateur.

    By the way, Madelaine was a bit of a disappointment–she pooped out after 147 sonnets. Only 7 to go, and she did not complete her task!

  2. thanks for the mention of the site (yay to Google Analytics for letting me know it was here).

    definitely looking forward to others joining the challenge – i've heard from some people with sonnets in the works. will let you know how it's going in a month or so.

    and catkins – i would have loved to see Pennington! i don't pretend that my readings are perfect, but having fun with it and doing the best i can. besides, Shakes' words are for anyone to do – hope you'll reconsider and join!

  3. It's not over til it's over!

    madeline still has time to finish.

    I'd like to say though that I do have film of me doing sonnets on my blog. unfortunately my show at the old vic is now down but there is a youtube vid reciting sonnet 71 at sh's grave.

    I also have footage from the Rose theatre doing a sonnet marathon on sh's birthday from 3 years ago.

    Thanks for putting the link to the audio, which will be made more public pretty soon.

    Michael Pennington rocks. I met him the same afternoon i did the marathon at a reading given at some institute or other in London. He was most pleased to hear what i'd done that morning. I'd been a fan since his English Shakespeare Company toured its war of the roses marathon back in the late 80's.

    I've linked to Nathan's endeavour and will be pushing friends to recite.


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