I Know I’m A Shakespeare Geek Because …

Challenge accepted. …both my day job and my education have absolutely nothing to do with Shakespeare.  All of this is done on my own time with my own resources, entirely a labor of love. …I own and operate 4 Shakespeare web sites (this one, this one, and two more yet to go public ….) … I’m writing my first Shakespeare book, “Shakespeare for Weddings.” …I read Shakespeare texts like this one. For fun. In ebook format. On my iPhone. …I spent yesterday afternoon watching other people’s children perform Othello … ….while wearing a shirt like this… …which is only one of a large collection. …I’m on Twitter. And Facebook. And Ning. And Zazzle. And WordPress. And Squidoo.  And probably a dozen others I’m forgetting. …my oldest daughter reads As You Like It for fun, my middle daughter had Barbie dolls named Regan, Goneril and Cordelia, and my youngest son asks for “the Hamlet songs” as bedtime lullabies. And, lastly, I know I’m a Shakespeare Geek because this post is still only about half as long as it could be.

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4 thoughts on “I Know I’m A Shakespeare Geek Because …

  1. The following exchange occurred in my classroom this past school year:
    Student: "Ms. R., do you drive a green Jeep?"
    Me: "Why yes, I do. Did you see me driving?"
    Student: "No."
    Me: "Well, how on earth did you know that the Jeep was mine?"
    Student: "OMG Ms. R., nobody else would have a 'Got Shakespeare?' sticker on their car."

    For the record, I also have a Shire sticker on my Jeep. I love Tolkien as well.
    Nothing wrong with being a Geek!

  2. Nice list, Duane! I especially like the part about the barbie dolls.

    And, Mystic, I also have a Shakespeare sticker on my car, saying: "Can I go forward when my heart is here?" and a picture of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre on it.

  3. You know you're a Shakespeare Geek when your wife comes up to the person you are talking to at a party and says, "Is he boring you about Shakespeare?"

  4. Oh, dude, seriously. When we go to see Commonwealth Shakespeare here in Boston each year, my wife tries to invite people and make it a social thing. I try to talk them out of it by explaining how much I will talk through it. It'd be nice to have company, but I am there for me, not for them, and they gotta know what they're in for.

    Traditionally they tend to ignore me in the first half, until intermission when they don't understand what is going on and need me to explain. 🙂

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