Shakespeare In The Park Boston Common 2010

I have been truly criminally remiss in not pimping the holy heck out of Commonwealth Shakespeare’s production of Othello, now running for free on Boston Common.  The show had a bumpy time of it last year, losing their rich sponsors (thank goodness, they were ruining it) and going it on their own.  I’m very glad to have them back for another year, doubly so that they’re tackling one of the great tragedies!
I haven’t seen the show yet, we’re planning on going this weekend (Sunday, August 8).  I’ll be the one in the Mercutio Drew First shirt. 😉  If you see me, stop by and say hi!
Last year I bought a cool black hooded sweatshirt while I was at the show, and I’m upset that I’ve apparently lost it.  Speaking of which, when you go, remember to support the group by buying stuff.  It’s a free show but that doesn’t mean it didn’t cost anything to produce.  Put some money in the hat when it comes around.  Buy merchandise.  Every bit helps.  Let’s keep free Shakespeare on the Common going for our children to take their children.
UPDATE:  Review posted.  Loved it!

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