Halloween’s Coming …

We haven’t spoken of Halloween much, I realize.  Usually because it’s upon me too late and there’s no time to really do anything exciting (with three little ones, I rarely think about any sort of grownup costumes or parties). With over a month to go, anybody got good Halloween ideas?  Doing anything Shakespearey?  My kids keep telling me to dress up like Shakespeare, but I’m not even sure how one would do that without going full out and getting a relatively fancy/expensive costume.  They’ve also told me to dress up like Hamlet (all black, and carry around a skull?) or Romeo (no idea how I’d pull that one off).  My oldest daughter at one point had the idea to go as pasta (ziti, specifically), but she decided that nobody would really get it, and went with the old standby (Wonder Woman) instead.  But that makes me think how genius it would be to dress up like ….. Bacon.  I don’t love that particular costume, but man, if I can keep my eye out for a better looking one?  I might just do it. I could ride on that joke for years.  Could put a little nametag on it, says “Hello! My name is Francis.” UPDATED: Worth promoting, @Bardfilm wrote:

Boy should go as Lear; girls as Regan & Goneril. After each stop, they should "disquantity" him of his candy.

[Context : I have three children, a boy and two girls.  The boy is the youngest.] Both funny and tragic, I can see that whole scene playing out in my house.  “If you want to walk with me, Brendan, you need to give me half your mini-Snickers bars.” “Well then I’ll walk with Elizabeth!” “Half your Snickers bars, eh? That’s a good idea, you have to give me half your Kit-Kats.” I can just imagine my little 4yr old boy stuck in the middle with nowhere to go.  I guess I’d play the Fool? 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Halloween’s Coming …

  1. I'm determined to carve a Richard III pumpkin. I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to go about it, but we'll see how it pans out. 😀

  2. I'm going as the Complete Works of William Shakespeare. I'm wearing a ruff covered in text (part of a costume from YCTC); a sign reading "Comedies, Tragedies, Histories"; and on my back, another sign reading "Romances, Narrative Poems, Lyric Poems."

  3. Caliban could be a pretty sweet costume on it's own. Or, get a two sets of cheap armor from the costume shop, and each man can carry a flower (The War of the Roses Cycle?) My apologies for not being wittier, it was a long day at the theatre.

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