The Justin Bieber / Shakespeare Connection

Come on, you knew there was one!

Mr. Bieber, you see, grew up in Stratford. Though I’m loathe to say “grew up”, given that the boy’s barely into his teens.
No, Ontario. But, they have a Shakespeare Festival!
Oh! Did young Justin act! What part did he play?
Well, no. He didn’t act. He’s more a singer, really.
Oh…well, then, what play did he sing in?
Huh? So what role did he play in the festival?
None, really. But the festival brings in tourists, you see. Tourists who would see Mr. Bieber singing on the street corner.
So, the story really has absolutely nothing to do with Shakespeare?
Pretty much. Sorry, I wish the story’d been better. With the high young voice he probably could have had a shot at some of the female roles. If the festival casts that way, that is.

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