Shakespeare Novels, Coming Soon

David Blixt has long been a supporter of Shakespeare Geek, and I like to return the favor when I can. He’s not been around much of late, but that’s because he’s busy busy busy.
Besides being a professional Shakespearean with the Michigan Shakespeare Festival, he writes novels. About Shakespeare. (I’m sure he doesn’t want to be pigeon-holed like that, but that’s what we talk about here ;))
He posts a quick teaser about what he’s been working on lately, allow me to summarize:

This fall I finished a novel, a play, and a spec-script for a TV pilot. I’m also working on two plays for Shanghai Low Theatricals (both adaptations of great literature) and HER MAJESTY’S WILL, the Shakespeare Spy project I’ve been noodling with for a year or so

Meanwhile … I sat down and finished the play I’ve longed to write for years. It’s entitled EVE OF IDES, and takes place the night before Caesar’s assassination.

I’ve gone back to work on the third Verona book a few times this fall, just to remind myself of what was going on.

But yesterday I launched full out into working on another project I’ve long been considering – my Othello novel.

That’s allotta Shakespeare. If you’ve not read Master of Verona, go do so. Then watch for Mr. Blixt’s name, because you’ll be seeing it again.

2 thoughts on “Shakespeare Novels, Coming Soon

  1. Uh-oh. Othello novel? I was going to write that! (Well, it would actually be a Merchant of Venice/Othello novel…) Beaten to the punch by one of my favorite authors!

    But seriously, I'm excited about all of David's projects. Eve of Ides sounds especially fun. I think I may have to avoid the Othello novel, though, so I don't accidentally plagiarize it when I write mine.

    And David, if you're reading this, I wanted to let you know I'm incorporating some suggestions from your blog (specifically the suicide note interpretation of "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow") into my production of Macbeth. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the plug – just came across it! (Whoops).

    Alexi, there is absolutely no fear of a crossover between your Othello novel and mine – trust me. My idea is, once again, filling in the gaps between Shakespeare's plays. So none of the action in the play will actually occur in my novel. As seems to be my wont, I'm taking a line (in this case a speech) and turning it into at least one novel.

    I'm delighted that you're having fun with the Tomorrow business. It's still the most referenced thing I've written on the web, and I wonder how many high school English papers have featured it. I'm hoping it turns into a standard interpretation – or at least common. If I can affect how Shakespeare is performed, even in a small way, my life in theatre is justified. So thanks!

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