Romeo and Juliet : The TV Series?!

Oh, happy birthday to me. ABC is planning a Romeo and Juliet TV Series? Sure not a new thing — “warring families” dramas have always been a popular subject. But my kids are getting to that age where they’re very excited about being a part of Shakespeare, and having something on tv that they might be able to watch? I’m all for. (I just showed them the Tempest trailer this morning, and they’re already begging me to see it ;))

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4 thoughts on “Romeo and Juliet : The TV Series?!

  1. Well Debra, looks like this butcher never runs out of fresh meat. We're just lucky, I guess, that hamburger is always available to fulfill the privilege of our purchase– after she puts the fillet mignon in the meat grinder with her own special 'additives', of course. Umm, yummy.

  2. I have to jump in and quote something I spotted in one of the news releases:

    "Iā€™m curious to see how she fares in bringing one of the most respected tales of star-crossed lovers to the small screen. After all, she was responsible for bringing one of the least respected tales of star-crossed lovers to the big screen."


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