Henry5 : Sci-Fi Shakespeare

Oooo, this looks interesting. First I’m hearing about this science fiction Shakespeare project:

The company’s website reveals that the project will be directed by Michael Anderson, an experienced DoP-turned-director who’s worked on commercials for Ridley Scott Associates, with a script from Anderson, Andrew Hislop and Steve Wilkinson that will allegedly incorporate aspects of “Henry V” and both parts of “Henry IV.” Wilkinson’s also producing, alongside another Ridley Scott alum Nigel Wooll, a co-producer on “G.I. Jane,” and Stephen Evans, who was Kenneth Branagh‘s producing partner on the seminal 1989 film version of the same play.

What do we think?

6 thoughts on “Henry5 : Sci-Fi Shakespeare

  1. I always thought that science fiction made for a great medium through which to express any number of the Bard's works, including Henry V.

  2. Sounds interesting. Although I had the pleasure of working with Anne Francis once upon a time, I have to say that I hope it's better than "Forbidden Planet", something they mention in comparison in the article.

    If you happen to somehow see this, sorry Annie. But you already know it wasn't your fault directly. 🙂

  3. Anybody else have the Rocky Horror song stuck in their head now?

    See androids fighting…Brad and Janet….

    Anne Francis stars in….Forbidden Planet…. whoa-ho-ho-oh-ohhhhhhhh…

    Last week when Glee did their Rocky Horror episode and edited the songs, I kept pausing the DVR so I could sing the complete version to my wife. I'm sure she appreciated that. 🙂

  4. I'll go ya one better. Prospero does Lear's "Blow winds and crack your cheeks, bit and then at the end, launches into Elvis' "I'm All Shook Up"–and accompanies himself on electric guitar along with the rest of the band . The biggest blast I ever had on stage. "Return to the Forbidden Planet".

  5. YOU would LOVE it, Duane. The dialogue incorporates stuff from almost all of the plays, sometimes twisting it to accommodate the "outer space" theme. Silly and stupid as all get-out–but in context, it all works. A farce to end all farces.

    "Captain, a beep….captain, another beep"
    Captain: "Was that two beeps or not two beeps?"

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