A 14yr Old Reviews Shakespeare. All of it.

It’s one thing for a 14yr old to like Shakespeare. It’s quite another to review each production to the level of detail that Edward Moravcsik does. But his goal of seeing all the plays? In two years? That’s a pretty lofty goal. You can read about his experiences at his blog, All The World’s an Ape.
He’s on 28 of 38. Or, to his count, “37 (and 3 possible collaborations).” I wonder which of the standard 38 he considers a collaboration – Henry VIII? This kid’s seen Pacino’s Merchant, Plummer’s Tempest….he gets around! I’m jealous.
How did we not know about this young man? Seems like he’d fit in quite well here :).
Go send the gentleman some traffic, and some support. Maybe he’ll follow the links back and come visit.

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