Shakespeare Meets Shrek

I’ve been saying that since before I realized the director of Gnomeo and Juliet also directed Shrek 2, by the way :). Why oh why did we have to get the guy who directed the worst of the Shrek movies? ๐Ÿ™
Anyway, one thing I do like about these reviews is that most of them are coming down on the side of “Should have been more Shakespeare” :

Director and cowriter Kelly Asbury (“Shrek 2”) finds a few jokes and a few moments of heart, just enough to lift “Gnomeo” above most recent animated B-movies. But it’s a pity he didn’t err on the side of Shakespeare and not of “Shrek.” The pathos and wit of the Bard bests the sight gags and one-liners of the Big Green Ogre every time.

Well amen to that, brother. Here’s hoping that somebody else runs with the idea and puts together my dream Shakespeare animation – The Tempest. You don’t even have to change the ending!

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