Starring Mrs. Peacock as Gertrude

Seriously, folks, if you’re not following the fun on Twitter, you miss out on cool stuff like this.
You know it’s going to be a fun (and unproductive!) day when you arrive at work, fire up the computer, and see that BardFilm (aka KJ) has started in on a new Twitter hashtag game he calls, “Shakespeare described in Clue Terminology.”  If you’ve never played Clue this game will probably make no sense to you, but basically it involved guessing the solution to a mystery in the form of <character> in <the location> with <the weapon>.  
Here are some of the best. I wish I could get a cut-and-paste out of Twitter in a useable way so I could credit everybody with every line, but that would truthfully take me an hour to format properly.  Instead I’ve left them all anonymous – including KJ’s and my contributions – so it’s fair.  If you click that link up there you may still see some traffic on Twitter, but it does scroll off after a while which is the main reason I want to get the results documented.
  • It was Iago on the Island of Cyprus with the Handkerchief. 
  • Claudius in the Orchard with the Vial of Ear Poison Thingie.
  • Titus in the kitchen with the pie. 
  • It was Richard III in the Winter of Discontent with the EVERYTHING.
  • Claudio at the Wedding with the Accusation of Infidelity. 
  • Ophelia in the river with the flowers.  (too soon?)
  • Gertrude on the Riverbank with the Alibi! 
  • It was Juliet in the tomb with a happy dagger
  • Friar Laurence in the tomb with the poorly executed plan.  He gets credit for a two-fer.
  • Timon in the Cave with the Misogyny.  
  • Claudius in the duel with the Laertes. (Think about it. 🙂 )
  • Oberon with the Love Juice in the Bower.   [Sounds naughty, but isn’t.]
  • Shylock in the Courtroom with the Scales. 
  • Caesar, in the senate, with the failure to heed soothsayers. 
  • Antony at the Base of the Tower with the Ill-advised Credulity. 
  • Brutus in the End with the Ides. 
  • Henry in the Field with the Agincourt.  
  • Helena, in the bed, with the questionable morality.
  • Richard on the battlefield without a horse
  • Oliver in the Forest of Arden with the Deus Ex Machina. 
  • Cornwall in Gloucester’s Castle with the Regan.  
  • Cordelia, in the Beginning, with the Nothing. 
  • It was Romeo at the Party with the Best Pick-Up Lines Ever. 
  • It was the Oxfordians in the Conspiracy with the Stupidity. 
  • It was Oxford in the Anonymity with the Education. 
  • Cassius, in his tent, with the Pindarus
  • Iago in Othello’s ears with words
  • It was Paulina in the Winter’s Tale with the Sixteen-Years-of-Deception.
  • Falstaff in the Pub.  That’s all.  

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5 thoughts on “Starring Mrs. Peacock as Gertrude

  1. It was the Chorus in the Prologue with the Muse of Fire.

    It was Imogen in the cave with the seven dwarfs — I mean, her long-lost brothers.

    It was Posthumus in Rome with the dumb wager.

  2. Surely you mean "Timon in the Cave with the Misanthropy."

    In the words of Oscar Wilde's Miss Prism, "A misanthrope I can understand, a womanthrope, never."

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