A New Sonnets to Music Collection

I’m a fan of using music to teach and memorize Shakespeare. I think long time readers know that.  My kids learned Sonnet 18 because David Gilmour’s rendition was my ringtone.  Heck, I learned Sonnet 29 because of the way Rufus Wainwright sings it.

A new collection is coming out next week, this one by Thomas Magnussen & Bjørn Palmqvist.  Here’s a video sample of one of them (no idea which one :)) doing Sonnet 18.

Their interpretation is clearly more in the “spoken word” category, with music underneath.  In all honesty it’s not my cup of tea – I think that it’s the matching of words to the rhythm of the music that helps with learning and memorization.  But they did write me and ask if I could help get the word out about their new album, and I’ve always said that Shakespeare is for everyone so don’t let me stop you!

Good luck with your effort, gentlemen!

This year’s Shakespeare Day Celebration is sponsored in part by Shakespeare Is Universal: Shakespeare truly is for everyone, and nothing demonstrates that sentiment better than his most famous quote of all, translated here into languages from around the world.   In celebration of Shakespeare’s birthday, show that you believe his works are just as relevant, powerful and important as they’ve ever been!

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3 thoughts on “A New Sonnets to Music Collection

  1. I agree — I'd prefer a sung version or just a spoken word version, not speaking with music under it. The When Love Speaks album is delightful. (I mean, I don't like all of the music on the song versions, but overall it's excellent.)

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