Boy Meets World Meets Shakespeare

[Spotted in Reddit this morning on the “Boy Meets World” forum because I track all things Shakespeare.]

Was there a single television sitcom that involved high school kids that didn’t do a Shakespeare episode? The Brady Bunch, Cosby, Head of the Class, Welcome Back Kotter and those are just the ones I specifically remember.  Even Sanford and Son did one with their all adult cast.

Boy Meets World was just a little after my time, starting in 1993 when I was already out of college. So I think I missed this episode they did on Much Ado About Nothing:

[Video removed because it was defaulting to autoplay and driving me crazy!]

[Link here in case the embedding causes trouble, I’m not familiar with the particular service on which I found this clip.]

I always appreciate when a show branched out and did something other than what we’ll call the “high school staples.”  It’s almost always Romeo & Juliet or Hamlet for easy name recognition.  Or, if you go for the “character has Shakespeare homework” storyline you’d often get Julius Caesar or Macbeth (thank you Dr. Cosby!)

On that note, here’s a clip of Boy Meets World doing Hamlet, because I think the accent is funny.

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