Happy Shakespeare Day! Let’s Do This

Happy Shakespeare Day

I don’t work full time on Shakespeare things.

I may never get to Stratford.

I do not have the time or the budget to see the kinds of shows that some people have the privilege to see.

Thanks reddit user kdoubleyou14!

On the other hand, my children sing me sonnets. Friends and coworkers spot Shakespeare references in the wild and pay attention to them for (and because of) me. Shakespeare is a very big, important part of my life.  I celebrate his name and his work in my regular daily life.  But today is special. Today is damned near a religious holiday in my little universe.

For the past several years I have celebrated Shakespeare Day with a posting marathon. In 2009 I made 9 posts. In 2010, 11 posts. In 2011 Shakespeare Day fell on a weekend and I could not sit behind my computer, but in 2012 I came back with a vengeance and posted 25 times.  And last year? 28.

Every year is an adventure. Last year we had our Shakespeare is Universal campaign.  Before that, I got to visit the Folger and see the most beautiful book in the world.

What will this year bring?

Those who have been following over the years (and for that I thank you for your loyalty) you may have noticed a certain tradition.  I like tradition.  It’s a quote that comes from Ben Jonson, to the memory of his (and our) beloved.  I’ve been looking forward to posting it here for days.  It’s a simple line from a larger work, but I don’t know, to me it feels like more. It’s more of an incantation, a plea for the Master to return to us if just for a single day. I say it over and over again in my mind, and I imagine myself as Prospero on his island, opening one particular grave, waking one particular sleeper and letting him forth, by my most humble art. Thank you, Shakespeare, and Happy Birthday.

Here we go, and I’ll see you on the other side.  I therefore will begin.

Soul of the age!
The applause, delight, the wonder of our stage!
My Shakespeare, RISE!

This year’s Shakespeare posting marathon is sponsored by “Shakespeare is Universal.” Help us prove that Shakespeare makes life better. Buy a t-shirt and support cancer research.

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