Shakespeare on the Road

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is hitting the road! In celebration of Shakespeare’s 450th birthday they’ve come over to the United States with plans to sit in on 14 different Shakespeare festivals over the summer.

In my neck of the woods they’ll be coming to Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, Mass on August 17.  Of course I’ve already got plans that weekend :(. Why can’t I learn about these things months in advance?  And why can’t they come into Boston instead? I’m 20 minutes from Boston, I’m over 2 hours from Lenox!

One thought on “Shakespeare on the Road

  1. I was kind of thinking the same thing on a slightly bigger scale.

    Living in Spokane,WA has some good points, however making it to one of the Shakespeare One The Road performances, ain't one of them.

    July, 29: Ashland, Oregon
    10-11 hrs away
    August, 3: Bozeman, Montana
    6-7 hrs away

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