Introducing Macbeth

I bookmarked this article about The Riddles of the Witches thinking it would be something interesting, but it’s really not. Looks like a high school student’s homework.

However I did find one thing worth discussing:

Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s shortest plays. There is no sub-plot. Shakespeare has constructed it with great structural economy even without introducing the main characters.

Without even…??

First scene : Witches.  What are the witches there for? They’re there to meet with … Macbeth!

Audience:  Ok, who the _____ is this Macbeth character? Sounds evil.

Second scene : A dying soldier describes in detail about how this Macbeth character hacks his way through enemy troops to come face with the leader of the rebellion, whom he then proceeds to “unseam him from the nave to the chop” and fix his head upon the battlements.

Audience:  Whoa.  Bad ass.

Third scene : Witches again.  A drum, a drum!  Macbeth doth come!

Audience:  Can’t wait!  Bring him out here! Let’s see what the big deal is all about!

In other words, I’d suggest that Macbeth has one of the best introductions Shakespeare gave any of his main characters.

Which of the other title characters get that kind of build up?

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