The Shakespeare Secret Society Game

And tho she be but little she is fierceI’m always mulling over different ways to explain “the mission”.  Why am I here, doing this? Part of it is because I think that Shakespeare makes life better, so when I can help somebody get some more Shakespeare in their life, I consider it a win because I added value to the universe. This goes exponentially so for my kids.

But it took a little while to get there. When I go back to why I actually started the blog? It’s because I wanted to connect with other Shakespeare geeks. I have (had!) no real world connection to Shakespeare, I’m not a theater geek or even an English major.  I simply don’t hang around in such circles.  So Shakespeare would never come up as a topic of conversation. I’d never find anybody wearing a t-shirt that says “Ophelia was pushed.”  So I claimed my space and said in my best Horton Hears A Who voice, “I am here! I am here! I am here!” And, if you’re reading this, you heard me. 🙂

It’s kind of like we have a secret society. Next time you walk somewhere in public, stop and ponder how many of the people you see might be secret Shakespeare geeks. Maybe somebody’s got “Though she be but little she is fierce” tattooed on her shoulder. Or maybe he’s got Harold Bloom’s Invention of the Human tucked into that stack of books he’s carrying. The person you’re sitting across from on the train could be reading the same blog post you are.

So my question to you is this.  Put the shoe on the other foot.  How does that person coming the other way know that you’re a Shakespeare geek? What signs are you giving off? How can someone, a friend, coworker, or even a stranger figure out that you’re both part of the same club?

For example, Shakespeare stickers adorn both of my computers. So if I take up a spot in the local coffee shop, everybody knows what’s up in my world. If you catch me at the pool or the beach where I’m less likely to have the computer, you’re probably going to find me reading something like “Miranda and Caliban” or something else that screams Shakespeare.  You may even find me wearing it on my sleeve :).  I make it easy.

How about you? We bump into each other at a cocktail party, what’s the secret handshake?






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4 thoughts on “The Shakespeare Secret Society Game

  1. Or he could have Harold Bloom’s Invention of the Human—the whole thing—tattooed on his back.

    You never know!

    kj (Bardfilm)

  2. I am like you. Not an English major, not a theater geek, just someone who likes to spread Shakespeare. I have dooing so for the last couple of years with a couple of home schooling groups. On my computer my back ground is a quill and parchment paper and my profile picture is a “Shakespear minion”. I do have a coffe cup I tend to take with me with love quotes on it. Really wish I had more though:)

    1. Yeah, we’re gonna need to see a picture of that Shakespeare minion, and a link to where we can get him. I have a Lego Shakespeare (and actually screamed “Woo! Shakespeare!” when he appeared in the movie, while I was in the theatre), but I do not have a Shakespeare minion.


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