Introducing Bardle – A Shakespeare Letter Game

“Wordles, wordles, wordles.”


People have already seen my new creation on Twitter and Facebook so I apologize to them for the old news, but for those who still get their Shakespeare Geek news straight from the blog I’m happy to announce Bardle!

Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is. Everybody else was creating Wordle clones (including Taylor Swift and Harry Potter), so I knew I had to make one. This is an obvious homage to the original Wordle, so all credit to the original creator. We also all know that the New York Times bought the original recently, so there’s a non-zero chance that they go on the hunt and some point and try to take down all these spinoff versions. But until then, the play’s the thing!

There’s a few important ways that this version is different from the regular game:

  1. All five letter character names are possible answers. This will pose a challenge sometimes for plays you may not have read.
  2. Some common theatrical terms associated with Shakespeare are valid as well. So at some point you’re likely to see words like stage or scene, to give a couple of obvious examples.
  3. Mostly, though, answers will be words that should have some obvious Shakespeare connection. It’s hard to explain until you get the hang of it. One tip is to think of the common scenes and quotes you know from Shakespeare, and ask yourself if there’s any five letter words there. Hamlet’s that one about the guy who talks to the skull … oh, wait, skull! All the world’s a stage … world! Stage! Get it? A midsummer what’s what?
  4. Lastly, the list of guessable words is made up *only* of words that Shakespeare used. This is throwing some people, who expect to use all their standard starter words. Nope. If the word doesn’t appear in Shakespeare’s works, chances are you can’t use it.

Any questions or feedback, please let me know! I want it to be fun and not too difficult but I also very much want to keep the Shakespeare theme obvious.

5 thoughts on “Introducing Bardle – A Shakespeare Letter Game

  1. Christine Collings says:

    I can only see 4 rows. So after row 4, I’m stuck!

    1. Steven Carpenter says:

      Yeah, me too. I’m about to lose my long streak because I can’t see which letters of my fifth guess worked. PLease figure out this problem and fix it!! (Otherwise, I’ve love this game!)

      1. Duane Morin says:

        I have been unable to recreate this on my laptop/phone, but it appears to be related to the size of the screen, such as on an iPod touch.

        A little while ago I added a feature where, if this is happening, you can “swipe down” to pull the keyboard out of the way and see the whole board. Try that, see if it helps?

  2. Jeanie Smith says:

    Loving Bardle, even though it’s so HARD! Makes Wordle seem downright easy! LOL

  3. I fell asleep before I could solve yesterday’s Bardle. Is there a way to see the answers to previous puzzles?

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