Free! Rebel Shakespeare Presents Othello I’ve spoken of Rebel Shakespeare many times in the past (Rebel Romeo, Midsummer Review and visit with the Rebels to link just a few).  In short, Keri and Christine run a program where they teach Shakespeare to children (of varying ages), and then they take their show on the road performing free Shakespeare in […]

Small Shakespeare World

So, I’m trying to get the family to Disney World this year.  We’ve been in the past, but it’s a whole thing where my girls were old enough to remember it but the boy wasn’t, so we’d like to get back for a trip where it’s more about him and he’s not just the one […]

The 2014 Year In Shakespeare

Happy Holidays, everyone! As 2014 draws to a close I thought it would be fun to do something different and look at all the exciting adventures we’ve had in the wonderful world of Shakespeare. We’ll kick it off in February with my continuing efforts to bring Shakespeare into school as early as possible, when I […]

The Shakespeare Matrix

In a thread today on Reddit someone asked about your “Forever Project.”  That idea you have that on the one hand seems impossible, like the kind of thing that you wish existed but know never will…but, at the same time, it’s the idea that won’t go away, and you’re always (at least, as an engineer/programmer/hacker) […]

Summer Shakespeare : Creative Ideas?

I hope that regular reader/contributor Bill doesn’t mind me reposting this message he sent me on Facebook, but I thought it would make great conversation and surely more opinions on a question like this is better than a few. Question: I’ll be teaching a semester long Shakespeare class this year. If you were in high […]