Free! Rebel Shakespeare Presents Othello

I’ve spoken of Rebel Shakespeare many times in the past (Rebel Romeo, Midsummer Review and visit with the Rebels to link just a few).  In short, Keri and Christine run a program where they teach Shakespeare to children (of varying ages), and then they take their show on the road performing free Shakespeare in and around Marblehead, Massachusetts. They’ve been doing it for, like, 20+ years and won awards for their work.  It really is quite the sight to behold, you’ve never quite gotten chills up your spine like you do when you watch children shouting “THANK YOU SHAKESPEARE!” to the heavens before every show. 

The current show is Othello, opening July 23.  The link above shows dates and locations, including several dates where they run workshops before the show so you can bring the kids and let them see what it’s all about.

I’ve been several times (seen their Midsummer and Hamlet, and a portion of Henry V) and go whenever I am able.  I even helped make arrangements to bring them to my own town so I’d be sure to get there!

2 thoughts on “Free! Rebel Shakespeare Presents Othello

  1. duane, just so you know, i don't run anything. i schedule stuff and make posters.

    keri and her directors run all.

    hope to see some shakespeare geek fans out and about.

  2. Noted, Christine, but do give yourself some credit. Your contribution is not small. There's a lot to putting on a show, much less a whole set of touring shows, than just being the director.

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